The name game…

In conducting some searches recently, I came across another issue/mistake that people sending resumes do. It wasn’t in my core 7 tips because it really hasn’t anything to do with writing it, more to do with titling. I’m sure other recruiters run up against this and you can, again, help them (boy, I am making us sound like a lazy bunch, huh?)

What I generally do when sourcing resumes is save them to particular folder by client/job/etc. I will contact the ones I feel are good fits and then submit to my client if after we talk it makes sense to do so. So, here’s the problem: I kid myself that I am super organized and go back in my folders to attach to a write-up and can’t find you. I get frustrated and annoyed because I think I am not as organized as I think I am. After I get over it, I realize your resume was titled “resume.doc” or “resume.pdf” or something of that nature.

So what has happened here? You made yourself hard to find amongst a sea of resumes (don’t do that) and you diminished my self worth (definitely don’t do that!). Make sure your resume is titled with your last name at least. First and last is OK too. Not too long a title either. And folks, PLEASE don’t think that self promotion in your resume title gets you any closer to the job – “Nigel.J.GlockenspielAwesomeDogGroomer.doc”. Really?

OK, back on topic tomorrow.

One response to “The name game…

  1. You’ve nailed yet another problem I run into. What complicates matters even more for myself and others that use the same recruiter software program is that it saves all documents ‘out of program’ as “get file”.doc.
    So, not only do we have candidates sending incorrectly titled resumes, we also have software that wants to rename everything ‘get file’.
    This certainly doesn’t make one look good as you scramble through ten seconds of silence searching your brain and files to remember who in the world you’re talking to and where in heck you put his resime.

    Bill, thanks again and keep them coming.

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