7 Easy Tips for writing a good resume – Tip 3 – Be proud but honest

Don’t claim you invented the Internet if you didn’t. One way or another it will always come back to haunt/embarrass you. On the other side of the coin, DO NOT undersell yourself and the great things you have done. Believe it or not, this is more prevalent than people exaggerating their resumes. It is quintessentially American to share the glory with your team. Certainly an admirable attribute, but sometimes you need to get a little selfish in job hunting.

Really no more explanation is needed on this one. I think this ties in with the duties vs. accomplishments post.

This creates more of a planning & strategy situation in addition to the actual writing these “victories”. Before committing what great things you have done to paper, ask yourself 3 questions:

  1. Will a reference back up that you did this? Not telling a dude in your fantasy football league about it over IM in front of the 52″ HDTV on Sunday and asking him to act as reference…someone who actually worked with you and/or was impacted by your feat of accomplishment. 
  2. Is it replicable/scalable? Can you articulate to a hiring manager how you can recreate the “magic” of a similar solution? Not necessarily the same one as you did in the past, but of a magnitude relative to the new company. If you tell a hiring manager at a start-up you are interviewing with: “my last company funded me $3 million and unlimited human capital to build this,” it probably won’t impress him.
  3. Can you talk about the failures? Everyone knows that all great successes are born from a series of failures. You need to be able to speak as eloquently about the failures and risk and the mitigation of same to have any credibility.

That’s it really. Go forth and brag!

Next topic: There is an “I” in Team!

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