7 Easy Tips for writing a good resume – Tip 4 -There is an “I” in Team!

Are we seeing a pattern here? The last 3 tips are all about you. And let’s face it folks, in this dog eat dog world of job hunting, you have to be the alpha dog.

It’s good to point out that you were a team player, but don’t be afraid to use a lot of “I’s”, in describing accomplishments rather than “we’s”. If you were part of team that did great things, that’s great for everyone no matter how much they contributed to the success. Rising tides lift all boats, correct? It is more important to be the one that succeeded in low tide.

Often when you are speaking to a recruiter, they will ask you to describe a situation where you were personally responsible for winning a big account, saving the company money by visioning and implementing a new system, delivered a project early and under budget – or whatever. They are not looking for what your team did. They want to see what kind of stuff you are made of.

Take the credit where due. And as I always say, be able to back your words with evidence.

For Example (sales resume):

  • “Was part of a business unit of 4 territory sales managers that increased revenue 215% year over year” (Team)
  • “I was personally responsible for 36% of that revenue and did 122% of quota” (I)

You definitely want to have bullet 1 in your resume, the overall revenue increase is quite remarkable. However the second one is more impressive. Two reasons why: 1.) although you are technically part of a team, in this situation you were really 4 individual contributors. 2.) You accounted for 36% of that revenue. Numbers don’t lie. There were 4 sales people and you did much more than your equal share. Somebody else on the team rode your coattails and had you not pointed this out, readers of your resume would have assumed you did about 25%.  Nice, but you are better than nice – you are a selling animal!

OK, alpha dogs – get out there and be all about you! Woof. 

Next tip: Spelling, Grammar and Style

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