7 Easy Tips for writing a good resume – Tip 7 – Job Board resumes

Make sure you renew or refresh your resume every week so it gets to the top of the search results. Usually in Monster, there is a renew function. If you make changes that usually does it too.

If you are actively searching, this is a must. If you are passive, just make sure every month or so it is updated if things change.

Often, people ask me if it is dangerous to have your resume posted on Monster and the like because you will reveal to your current employer that you are looking, even though you may not really be – and that is the reason why you should have it on there.

One of the disadvantages of the employer/employee relationship is that as an employee, you are expected to give a minimum of 2 weeks notice when you are leaving your job. Conversely, the employer can terminate you without any notice. And this is the basis for your response if confronted by your employer about your resume being posted.

Most reasonable employers will understand if you say, especially in this economy: “While I am happy here, and not actively looking, I need to be prepared to engage my job search quickly should conditions change here.”

If you still feel that that won’t satisfy your employer, there is another way. When employers scan job boards to find their employees to identify potential flight risks, they almost always search by their company’s name. What you can do to somewhat protect yourself (caveat: this isn’t a 100% guarantee, since sometimes they will search by name if they feel you are disgruntled) if you make your current employer confidential. Making your name confidential will probably not work since they search by company and can usually triangulate to who you are by your title, duties, past jobs, etc.

Remember, it is perfectly fine to have your resume out there whether you are happy or not. You just need to be prepared for the reactions.

OK, so those are my tips. PLEASE comment on if you thought they were useful or NOT. Any other suggestions, and if you would like a 1 page synopsis of these, please let me know and I will send it to you in PDF form.

For the next few posts, I am going to answer specific questions from readers. I have a bunch in queue, but please send more. I will promise to answer on this forum or directly if not.

Now that your resume is the better for my tips, happy job hunting!

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