Networking Sites Reader Suggestion: Xing

networkreadersFirstly, thanks everyone for their feedback on this discussion. I got quite a few responses and wanted to share of couple of the reader’s inputs.

Sarah, who works as a recruiter in the healthcare/medical device industry suggested I check out She observed its model was similar to LinkedIN® but had a generally positive view of it as a complimentary resource to LI. I had heard of Xing before but never really spent much time on it, so I  revisited.

Sarah’s assessment was right on. It has very common features to LI, I would say the interface is a little bit more flashy. It has all the requisite connection processes plus company and job information. It was launched in 2006 and claims 7 million users. I didn’t research the revenue information, but comparing the growth trajectory of their database vs. LI they are about on par (LI had 8 million by end of 2006 and launched in 2003.) LI now has 41 million users. I don’t think Xing will experience that kind of growth given that LI was kind of the industry leader but also can’t count them out as evidenced by the MySpace and Facebook dynamic. They have a bare bones free plan like LI, and a premium membership as low as $5.95/month if you commit to a 2 year membership.

Next post will be my standard review of Xing and another suggestion to Zoom Zoom a Zoom!

3 responses to “Networking Sites Reader Suggestion: Xing

  1. I set up a Xing site as an experiment to extend social networking to my Blogger based site. The tools and interface were great but I couldn’t find a way to integrate it with my blog. If I had started from scratch Xing may have been a better choice as a blog site. However, I’d want to have my own customized URL, which I can do on Blogger, but I’m not sure if that’s a capability with XIng.

  2. Good point, I think LinkedIn has a better set-up if you have a blog, you can feed it right to your home page. I am still learning to navigate the profile settings so hopefully I will have a better understanding soon.

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