“Interview the Experts” Series – Greg Chenevert

7_minute_CDNext week I will be interviewing Greg Chenevert, one of the most effective Career and Business coaches around. Greg approaches his craft from a very different angle than most coaches which gives his clients a unique advantage in job interviewing, selling or in business dealings in general.

If you don’t believe me that Greg is any different than any career coach, all I can say is “numbers don’t lie”:

Greg has been engaged to teach Career development at a company. His first class of 23, all got placed in 4 weeks. And oh by the way…his second class of 26 all have gotten placed too!

Greg has authored many books on various personal improvement strategies. His latest, 7 Minute Interview is written on the premise that  employers make hire/no hire decisions within the first 7 minutes of the interview. I wholeheartedly agree with Greg’s hypothesis. Most savvy hiring managers can make this assessment very quickly based on just a couple responses from the candidate, usually from seemingly innocuous questions.

Like Greg says:  “Interviewing is your one chance to become an employee”, so be the best you can and check out the interview and then buy the audiobook!

One response to ““Interview the Experts” Series – Greg Chenevert

  1. Given that most hiring decisions are made within the first 7 minutes of an interview, it makes you wonder why interviews seem to have gotten so long!

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